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Dental Aesthetics

The Dental Aesthetics appointment is intended for the general public seeking to achieve their ideal aesthetic goal, in order to improve their appearance, self-esteem, meeting the highest current standards of beauty and health.

In this consultation, a virtual simulation of your new smile will be carried out in real time. A program based on artificial intelligence will choose the natural tooth shape that best fits your face.

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Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentistry is the area dedicated to restoring teeth that present fractures, changes in size or shape, caries injuries and color changes, with the aim of restoring and protecting the tooth.

Composite resins used to restore teeth are highly aesthetic and durable materials and typically do not require any tooth wear to be applied.


Teeth whitening

Get a healthy, bright smile with the Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed.

We rely on Phillips Zoom technology for bleaching treatments in our clinic. The most requested whitening by patients that guarantees comfort, protection against sensitivity and has a formula approved by the safety standards of the European Union. Phillips Zoom Whitespeed guarantees results with just one visit.

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Ceramic Veneers

Ceramic veneers are a minimally invasive treatment that allow you to change the color, shape and even the design of your smile in just a few appointments.  

Ceramic dental veneers are very thin prostheses that are glued in front of the teeth, previously worn, in order to provide them with a natural appearance.

At North Clinic, the preparation of the teeth is carried out under a microscope so that there is minimal wearing of the teeth.