The constant technological evolution has allowed the replacement of lost teeth with implants to be increasingly comfortable, predictable and convenient for patients.

Have you ever heard of computer-guided surgery for implant placement?

This method allows for greater precision and comfort, as well as reduced treatment time and a practically non-existent postoperative. If you are interested, schedule an appointment and find out which solution is best for you.

We want you to have the best smile from the very first day of treatment. Depending on your clinical situation, the replacement of one or more non-restorable teeth with dental implants supported by fixed prostheses may be indicated.


Ceramic Implants:

We believe in highly aesthetic, metal-free treatments of oral health, which is why we rely on the use of ceramic implants.

In fact, ceramic implants are constructed of zirconia, a highly biocompatible material with incredible characteristics.

Ceramic implants are considered a neutral and non-toxic alternative that offers extremely positive results, both in terms of function and aesthetics.


Fixed teeth 24h:

The placement of immediate loading dental implants is recommended for terminal dentition or edentulous patients.

Through minimally invasive procedures, guided surgery is performed on the patient for the placement of dental implants, allowing minimal postoperative, as well as reduced time of treatment. 


Zirconia Implants:

Zirconia or zirconium oxide is a material that replaces metal in dental treatments, as the metal offers a grayer and less aesthetic appearance. It is a type of porcelain, which can be applied to the infrastructure of prostheses. Zirconia provides a more natural result, as the material is translucent resembling the color of teeth.

Because of this unique characteristic, there are no gray shadows as in prostheses that use metal, which makes the patient’s smile more harmonious and aesthetically qualified.