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Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Periodontal plastic surgery aims to correct gingival defects and soft tissue of the periodontium in areas of aesthetic and functional impairment.

The main cause that leads patients to seek micro periodontal plastic surgery are gingival recessions.

Patients who have exposure of the roots which can bring aesthetic and/or functional compromise are candidates for surgical increase in gingival thickness. Covering the gingival recessions will allow for greater protection of the teeth.

Gingival recessions can directly affect the quality of life because they have a strong aesthetic impact but also because they can cause hypersensitivity in the teeth (thermal stimuli).

The microsurgical approach adopted by Dr. Luís Bessa for the treatment of these cases has a much higher success rate than a conventional approach, but it also ensures that the post-operative period is more comfortable and less prolonged.