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Full mouth rehabilitation with implants

Patient with severe periodontal disease and terminal teeth condition came in looking for an effective solution to his problem and that would also give back the function and aesthetics to his smile.
The patient had an overall good health status, adequate bone availability and recommended values of Vitamin D for the placement and immediate loading of implants, which allowed this to be a 24 hour makeover.

The patient was submitted to the placement of 6 implants both in the maxilla and mandible and immediately rehabilitated with two provisional fixed dentures that restored his function and his smile. After the 4 months period of implant osseointegration the patient had his final dentures installed. The upper being a full zirconia and ceramic denture and the lower a BIOHPP polymer with high biocompatibility and resistance.

Treatment time: 6 months

Multidisciplinary complex case | Orthodontics, Bone regeneration, Implantology, Crowns and Veneers

Patient with 13 dental agenesis (congenital genetic defect)

The treatment began with orthodontics to manage the intra oral space and thus preparing the patient for rehabilitation. Afterwards the patient was submitted to bone regeneration and implant placement. The case was concluded with the full mouth rehabilitation with ceramic crowns and veneers. 

Treatment time: 3 years

Multidisciplinary case | Full mouth rehabilitation over teeth and implants

Patient with posterior tooth loss and consecutive vertical dimension loss, came in unhappy with aesthetics and temporomandibular joint pain.

The patient was submitted to muscle deprogramming and implant placement in the posterior zone of the mouth. During the osseintegration period, orthodontics were applied to manage the anterior spaces for consecutive aesthetic rehabilitation. This case was finalized with full mouth crown and veneer rehabilitation to increase vertical dimension and thus improve the temporomandibular joint disorder as well as reestablishing natural smile aesthetics.

 Treatment time:  6 months.

Full mouth rehabilitation with ceramic implants

Edentulous patient with several systemic conditions came in looking for a safe and minimally invasive therapy with a biological approach.
The patient was submitted to guided implant placement in a hospital environment, without any incision, suture or postoperative pain.
Ceramic implants were installed, 8 in the maxilla and 6 in the mandible and the patient left the operating room with new and fixed teeth that immediately reestablished his oral function and aesthetics.
The final rehabilitation was designed exclusively with non-toxic and biocompatible materials so that there would be no harm or stress induced in the patient’s overall health condition. 

Treatment time: 6 months

Substitution of full mouth rehabilitation

The patient came in unhappy with the aesthetics of her full maxillary fixed denture.
 The treatment option was the substitution of her fixed prosthetics for a high aesthetic value ceramic denture. Through a fully digital protocol and taking advantage of all the technology available at our clinic we were able to solve this patient’s problem in just two appointments, quickly reestablishing her smile and self-esteem.

 Treatment time: 2 weeks

Full mouth rehabilitation with zygomatic implants

The patient came in looking for a solution to the lack of bone availability in the maxilla that couldn’t allow the placement of standard implants. 
Our treatment option was the placement of zygomatic implants. This is one of the available methods to rehabilitate maxillary bone atrophy in 24 hours, but is also a complex technique in which our team has several years of experience.

 Treatment time: 6 months

Full mouth implant rehabilitation

Patient with terminal upper teeth condition that came in looking for an urgent fixed solution.
The case was managed with a 4 implants and full denture rehabilitation technique that allowed us to reestablish the patient’s function and smile in under 24 hours. 

Treatment time: 6 months