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Biological dentistry

Did you know that oral health influences the development of several chronic diseases? Get to know our biological philosophy.

Ceramic implants

We believe in highly aesthetic and metal-free restoration of oral health.

Fixed teeth in 24h

Immediate rehabilitation of the patient's oral health by fixing teeth in less than 24 hours.

Teeth whitening

Get to know the tooth whitening treatment recommended by oral health specialists at North Clinic.

Online consultations

Schedule and make an online appointment with one of the North Clinic specialists, without leaving your home.

Wisdom tooth removal

A new, non-invasive, biologically driven, and painless protocol.

What We Do

We Make Nature Smile

As an oral health centre we wish to improve our patient’s life by focusing on biologically driven medicine, supporting our treatments with state-of-the-art technology and a highly specialized team of physicians. 

The safety of our therapies as well as in your visit to the clinic is mandatory. We believe in a thorough protocol of disinfection, proper time for consultations and treatment concepts that guarantee the comfort, well-being and extreme satisfaction of our patients.


In the first appointment at the NORTH CLINIC we will collect highly detailed information of our patient’s wishes, needs and expectations.

It really is important for us to get to know you. This way we can build a relation based on trust and respect that will ultimately lead to an excellent experience at our clinic. Information is essential to correctly diagnose and plan your case.

Our clinical assessment starts with:

Full head scope CBCT
Vitamin D3 and LDL levels analysis
Functional and aesthetic clinical examination 


Did you know that several chronic diseases actually find a gateway in the oral cavity? The reason for us to direct our treatments in a biological way lies in the fact that oral health shouldn’t be overlooked.


Low density lipoprotein, popularly known as bad cholesterol, may indicate higher propensity to inflammation when it’s level is over 1.4 g/L. Higher levels of LDL can reduce the natural healing mechanisms in our bone and lead to severe bone reduction.

Vitamin D serum levels have a great influence in our body’s bone metabolism and infection susceptibility. Boosting our patient’s levels of vitamin D3 up to values over 70 ng/ml will promote better and faster bone healing and it is directly related to a stronger immune system.

Collecting a small amount of blood in a painless fashion we can take advantage of the patient’s own proteins and white blood cells and accelerate the healing process with what is known as a matrix of prf (platelet rich fibrin). The main purpose is to promote easy and comfortable wound healing with natural and autologous materials.

The reconstruction and rehabilitation of damaged teeth through resins, ceramic crowns over teeth and implants and highly aesthetic veneers.
The results are extremely positive in reestablishing aesthetics and oral function.
The cosmetic smile rehabilitation is capturing more and more patients. Through the technology we have available at our clinic we are able to develop a completely tailor-made treatment designed with the patient to its minimum detail. A true smile makeover.

Ceramic veneers, also known as contacts, are incredibly fine pieces of ceramic that guarantee extremely aesthetic outcomes with high resistance, correcting shape, color and volume. Placed on the surface of the teeth, they are completely tailor-made and suit the exact needs and taste of the patient.

We trust the Phillips Zoom technology for our whitening treatments at the clinic. This is the most solicited type of whitening and guarantees comfort, protection from sensitivity and is the only formula compliant with EU safety regulations. The whitening treatment with Phillips Zoom shows excellent results in just one appointment

Aligners are the elegant, clear and comfortable alternative to conventional orthodontic treatments. It is an individual type of treatment with a personalized number of aligners that allows to obtain excellent and predictable results. The standard time of use with an aligner is 2 or 3 weeks but with the ATP38 technology that we have available at our clinic we can drastically reduce the treatment time.

Traditional orthodontic treatment in which brackets are fixed in the frontal and visible face of the teeth and that guide the orthodontic movements to the correct and functional position. These accessories can be metallic or translucid and are fixed to the teeth. This is the conventional and most studied branch of orthodontics.

This is the type of orthodontic treatment in which the brackets are glued in the inner part of the teeth and that guarantees an undetectable treatment. The lingual orthodontics also guarantee efficiency and discretion and might be the option for the patient that values an aesthetic smile and who isn’t comfortable with visible accessories like those in a conventional treatment. This is also a good option for the patient that practices any sort of contact sport.
Despite being closer to the tongue this type of orthodontics are extremely comfortable, easy to clean and allows every procedure of teeth whitening during the treatment time.

This is the type of orthodontics aimed at young and growing children who need to correct teeth and facial bone position. This can be practiced with removable or fixed accessories. Interceptive orthodontics are effective and guarantee dental and bone growth within the standards of normality, avoiding bad occlusion in the future as well as bone dissymetries and correcting facial muscle function. This is extremely important for the development of masticatory and speech function, posture and breathing ability.

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition that affects and harms gingiva and bone around teeth or implants. Without treatment, it can lead to tooth or implant loss. Despite being an extremely common disease it is also preventable when there is adequate treatment and regular visits to the dentist.

Common signs of periodontal disease:

  • Bleeding while or after brushing your teeth;
  • Red, swollen or tender gums;
  • Persistent bad breath or bad taste in the mouth;
  • Receding gums;
  • Loose or shifting teeth;


Our patients are regularly observed in the Oral Hygiene appointments. This way we can evaluate any sign of disease at an early stage and immediately direct the patient to the Periodontology appointment to develop the proper treatment. The frequent oral hygiene checkup is the best tool to prevent periodontal disease. At our clinic we also have available the AirFlow technology to control the bacterial biofilm in a comfortable, painless and effective fashion.

This is Periodontology focused on correcting tissue deficiencies around teeth and implants. Through a micro surgical approach and fundamentals we base our practice in extremely high success rate treatments so that we can solve common situations like gummy smile, receding gums, bone deficiencies and therefore regenerate periodontal and peri-implant tissues – probably the greatest challenge in the upcoming years given the high demand for oral rehabilitation in the past decades.

Periodontitis (commonly known as periodontal disease) is profoundly related to cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, chronic renal disease, pulmonary infections and many other harmful conditions influencing systemic health. Periodontal analysis and treatment is standard protocol at our clinic and sets the foundations for success in every treatment.

Our third molar appointment is generally done under sedation in order to maximize the comfort of our patients.

Diagnostic and surgical planning is carefully made after a 3D x-ray, as well as the systemic and general health conditions of the patients’ examination.

A micro surgical approach is used in order to maximize the surgical results and minimize surgical trauma and post operatory swelling.

Normally in impacted/displaced wisdom teeth surgery the swelling persists for around 3 days.

To maximize the healing capacities of the body we use PRP in all of our surgeries.

Bone augmentation procedure is a very common procedure when treating patients that have lost the teeth long time ago.

This happened because the loss of the teeth affected directly the blood supply of the alveolar bone, leading to a greater bone loss.

Immediate implants are therefore a keystone in our treatment philosophy as it does not require excessive use of bone graft since normally the bone and gingival architecture is still maintained.

Dr. Luís Bessa, our clinical director and maxillofacial surgeon, has a big experience in jaws reconstruction and uses mostly bio compatible materials.

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This is a chronic and silent infection that can develop after the removal of a third molar whenever there’s a growth of fat and soft tissue where the wisdom tooth used to be. 

NICO stands for NEURALGIA-INDUCING CAVITATIONAL OSTEONECROSIS and it is becoming a common radiological finding, given the natural evolution of our species that induced the lack of need for the third molar and consecutive careless extraction of several teeth.

NICO can induce chronic pain and the bacteria found in this type of lesion is specific to the development of Lyme disease. 

The treatment consists in surgically removing the fat and soft tissues in this degenerative inflammation, disinfecting the bone and filling the defect with PRF membranes to increase healing ability and bone regeneration.