Wisdom tooth removal

A new, non-invasive, biologically driven, and painless protocol. 

Why should I remove my wisdom tooth?  

Human evolution, mainly in the Western World, has led to a reduction in the size  of the jaws and, for this reason, wisdom teeth are much more often retained within the bone, endangering adjacent teeth. In addition, semi-enclosed teeth,  with no hygiene capacity, should be removed as they cause constant  inflammation in your body.  

Analyzing and preparing each patient according to their genetic individuality and  using a microsurgical and biological approach, we resort to using a microscope as  well as patients growth factors. It is proven that this approach reduces  post-operative discomfort and accelerates healing. 

After surgery, the application of a photodynamic therapy protocol and the use of  a cold mask that you can transport to your home, will ensure that this is not a bad  memory for you.


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